Conducting the modernization of the machines in a company will definitely positively impact the production and allow replacing old technologies with efficient solutions.

The replacement of the outdated components will instantly increase the effectiveness of the entire machine and, consequently it will expedite given phases of creating new products. Servicing and modernization of industrial machines will certainly also improve the everyday work. Conditions of employees, especially including safety aspects. Planned and deliberate modernization of the equipment will also decrease the risk of unforeseen breakdowns and costly repairs.

The modernization of the machines in a company is a necessary process, which should be included in an action plan of every company. Renovations may include a replacement of particular systems, out of order components or even a replacement of used parts into new ones. Due to this kind of actions, the productivity of the manufacturing department will improve as well as the quality of the services provided.

Modernizing A Horizontal Borer

Modernizing a
Horizontal Borer

The modernization of a floor or table borer starts with the geometric rebuilding of the slideways and the mechanical reconditioning of the machine internals, after which we design and install new axes drivetrains for the linear axes of the machine. The long travel axes of a floorboring machine is normally based on a ballscrew for travels shorter than 6 meter, and on a single or double pinion and rack system for longer travels. The machines are then fitted with a complete new electrical system and a CNC system of your choice.
 Modernizing A Roll Grinder

Modernizing a
Roll Grinder

The modernization of a roll grinder would firstly entail the geometric rebuilding of the slideways. Secondly we would upgrade the mechanical drive trains of the linear axes for CNC operation - this entails the design and fitting of ballscrew-based drivetrains for the cross and cambering axes, and either a ballscrew or low-backlash drive train for the long travel axis. The machine would then be retrofitted with a Siemens, Fanuc or Rolltest CNC system as per your choice.
Modernizing A Roll Lathe

Modernizing a
Roll Lathe

We can upgrade your existing roll lathe to full CNC by firstly grinding all slideways of the main bed and saddle/s and parts of the geometric rebuiulding of the machine. The axes drivetrains are upgraded by replacing the existing drivetrains with low-backlash drive trains based on ballscrews or double-pinion gearboxes.
Modernizing A Vertical Boring Machine

Modernizing a
Vertical Boring Machine

Apart for the geometric, mechancal and CNC upgrading of the machine, we can also equip your existing VTL with a new ram featuring a built-in live spindle. Depending on the size of the machine, the ram stroke can be increased.  To utilize the live spindle feature, the table should at least be upgraded to a positioning axis, which we can do with the addition of a hydraulic clamping system on the perimeter of the table.  Position feedback is then achieved by means of a rotary encoder installed in the center of the table.