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Portal Machining Centers


The TOS production programme is being expanded by machines with a vertical axis of the main spindle. These are very versatile machines (like the current horizontal machines), but they are intended for "orthodox" customers (those who for some reason prefer portal machines) who want a machine with a vertical axis of the work spindle.

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Vertical machining centres of the series WVM 2600/3600 T are designed as a unified series of machines for universal machining of work-pieces made of steel and cast iron, especially in the general engineering sector.

Thanks to their unique construction comprising a fixed portal with travelling headstock (Y), vertically extending ram (Z) and sliding table (X), the machines excel due to their high accuracy and rigidity. The high installed output of the machine (53 kW) is especially designed for force and productive machining.

The machines can be equipped with different types of milling heads, which are automatically placed and thus enable even further extension of the technological possibilities of the machine. It is also possible to add other types of accessories to increase the working efficiency of the machine, such as a cooling system, machine operation monitoring or automatic tool change.

Machine control is managed from the operator platform installed on the side of one of racks, and the machines can also be equipped with the covers around the table axis (X) to minimise chip flashing and fluid splashing.