Semi Automatic Drilling And Pinning Line


The line features 4 processing stations linked in series on a conveyor system. 7 bars are loaded manually at the first station, after which the bars feed to the second station equipped with a multi-spindle drilling machine fitted with a drilling head with 150mm stroke and 50mm of Hydro Feed Control, #2 Morse Taper Spindles. The drilling head has 7 ER20 Style spindles, 50mm centre-to-center pitch in-Line, with collets for 5mm drills. After drilling the 7 bars are fed to the 3rd station where pins are manually inserted into each drilled hole. At the 4th station the 7 pins are hydraulically seated to depth. The 7 bars are then fed of the end of the conveyor into a trolley.


Maximum length of bars    


Pin Diameter

Ø4 to Ø5mm

Typical production output

Based on Ø20mm bars x 2m long at 5kg each, produced on a single 8-hour shift basis for 22 workdays per month at a 70% efficiency with one loader/operator/unloader (of bars fitted with nuts)

Typical cycle time

50 sec / 7 bolts (takt determined by loading and manual pinning)

Production rate / day

2,800 bolts per 8-hour shift at 70% efficiency

Production rate / month

300 tons per month (for 22 single-shift days at 70% eff)


2x persons (1x loader, 1x pinner/operator)–Alternate to prevent fatigue

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