Manual Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine


The manual Multi spindle Drilling machine is supplied as a manually operated 7-spindle unit with single loading station. The multi spindle Drilling machine consist of a pedestal drill fitted with 1 off drilling head with 7 off #2 Morse Taper Spindles with 50mm center-to-center pitch (In-Line), ER20 style with collets for 5mm drills. The table arrangement allows for loading and unloading from the front by a loader/operator, after which drilling is performed. The table is fitted with hardened steel strips to reduce wear. The table features a single clamping area for a total of 7 off rebars, all loaded from the front, with the operator loading bars, then performing manual drilling after which he unloads the drilled bars.


Maximum length of bars    


Pin Diameter    

Ø4 to Ø5mm

Typical production output

(Based on Ø20mm bars x 2m long at 5kg each, produced on a single 8-hour shift basis for 22 workdays per month at a 70% efficiency with one loader/operator/unloader (of bars fitted with nuts)

Typical drilling cycle time 

20 sec / 7 bolts, with no loading or unloading possible

Overall cycle time  

60 sec, with no drilling taking place

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