Manual Multi-spindle Drilling Machine, Model Rb-m-1x7 Duplex-drill-3000


The multi spindle Drilling machine consist of a Pedestal drill fitted with 1 off drilling head with 7 off #2 Morse Taper Spindles with 50mm center-to-center pitch (In-Line), ER20 style with collets for 5mm drills. The table arrangement allows for loading and unloading from both sides by a loader whilst drilling is in progress. The machine is supplied with hardened steel strips installed on the table to reduce wear.

Maximum Length of Bars3 meters
Pin DiameterØ4 to Ø5mm
Number of Spindles7
Spindle Type#2 Morse Taper
Spindle Center-to-Center Pitch      50mm (In-Line)
Collet TypeER20 style
Drilling Capacity5mm drills
Table LoadingDual-sided loading station
Table FeaturesHardened steel strips for reduced wear

Typical Production Output:

Based on Ø20mm bars x 2m long at 5kg each, produced on a single 8-hour shift basis for 22 workdays per month at a 70% efficiency with one loader/operator/unloader (of bars fitted with nuts).

Typical Drilling Cycle Time20 seconds for 7 bolts
Index & Load Time to Next Drill     40 seconds, in parallel to loading & unloading
Overall Cycle Time60 seconds for 7 bolts (at 100% efficiency)
Production Rate per Day2,300 bolts per 8-hour shift at 70% efficiency
Production Rate per Month250 tons per month (for 22 single-shift days at 70% efficiency)
Manpower2 persons (1 operator and 1 loader/operator)

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